Meeting the Mayor of Salem

The Webelos "Arrow of Light" Den paid a visit to Salem's Mayor Kim Driscoll in May. She graciously gave us a tour of City Hall, explained it's fascinating history, and walked us through how our local government works. A lot like the State and Federal governments as it turns out, but a bit less contentious, as all the city counselors are of course working in the same city.

Mayor Driscoll along with scouts Darwin, Colin, Azriel and Gabrial.

Mayor Driscoll along with scouts Darwin, Colin, Azriel and Gabrial.

Blue and Gold/Winter Island Camping

The end (or near end) highlight of the Pack's activities for the school year. Scouts move up to their next rank, and families get together for a fun overnight to Salem's Winter Island. The Webelos planned and set up a great Obstacle Course activities as part of one of their last achievement requirements.

The Webelos "Cross Over" to to Boy Scouts

The Webelos bridge crossing ceremony is to publicly show the transition, or crossing over, from a Cub Scout pack to a Boy Scout troop.  At one side of the bridge is the pack he’s leaving.  On the other side are the representatives of the troop he’s chosen to join. This was a big step for the boys that have moved through all the various stages of Cub Scouting, and into the new and bigger world of Boy Scouting.
We wish them all the best on their new journey!

And of course, huge thanks to Sarah and Mary Beth, the Den Leaders who were with the boys every step of the way.